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10 mars / 31 des. - Oslo

The francophonie investigated by the students from Lycée René Cassin

On the occasion of the Frankofonifestival organized in Oslo, the students from the French school, Lycée René Cassin, recorded 8 interviews to investigate francophonie concept. 
To do so, they have been talking to a few representatives from the francophone world as the French school provisor, some of their teachers, the Canadian Ambassador in Norway, the French ambassador in Norway and the Morrocan ambassador in Norway. 


Emission 1 – Madame Audrey Keller, proviseure au Lycée français d’Oslo 

Emission 2 – Monsieur Artur Wilczynski, Ambassadeur du Canada en Norvège

Emission 3 – Madame Coralie Fournier, documentaliste


Emission 4 – Madame Isabelle Monceyron et madame Laure Lebrun,

Emission 5 – Madame Chevalier, spanish teacher

Emission 6 – Madame Lepingle, economic and social teacher at the French school 

Emission 7 – Jean-Francçois DObelle, French ambassador in Norway

Emission 8 – Maroccan ambassador in Norway 


Festival 2019

Nyttig informasjon

Lycée Renée cassin

10 mars / 31 des.

Skovveien 9,
0257 - Oslo