Seven Francophonie countries will provide you with the opportunity to discover their countries and a series of short films, on Thursday, March 28, at the African Cultural Center.

Hungary, Belgium, Morocco, Romania, France, Switzerland and Poland will present the best of their short film production during this evening. Light refreshments will be served.

The films will have subtitles in English.

Free entrance.


Younes Yousfi (MOROCCO)

Two young men, out of boredom, decides to reproduce a «free hug» event in Morocco, as seen in social networks. This, unintentionally, triggers a series of violent reactions and misunderstandings in the conservative society. A grinding comedy about cultural differences and the growing lack of tolerance in the age of the internet.

Duration: 26 minutes

The Little Hero / Micul Erou

Elena Ciolacu (Romania)

We have a beautiful spring day, a little boy tries to convince his ever-busy mother to go out and play together. Disappointed by his rejection, he goes on his own, but the whimsy of a butterfly sets him on an imaginary adventure to rescue his mother from the prison of work and worries. The Little Hero  was  created as part of the graduation project for MA Animated Film –  T he National University Theater and IL Caragiale Film  , Bucharest, Romania .

Duration: 5 minutes.


Christophe M. Saber (Switzerland)

It’s shortly before closing time. In a grocery store owned by an Egyptian in Lausanne (Switzerland), it is crowded, as everyone wants to do some last shopping for the day. Among them is a father with his little daughter. As the girl is disobedient, the father loses his patience and slaps her in the face. Another customer witnesses the incident and intervenes. While the father tries to justify his action, a glass of mustard falls down and breaks on the floor, triggering the argument across language borders spreading across the whole store.

Duration: 12 minutes

The Proposal

Gerlando Infuso (Belgium)

Icaro chooses Valentine’s Day to propose Vanilla in their favorite restaurant: The Golden Mussel. But Dimitri, the chef, does everything to get in the way of the young seducer, putting Icaro’s sincere commitment at stake.

Duration: 15 minutes


Mateusz Rakowicz (Poland)

Stanislaw takes his beloved Zosia on a mysterious and romantic journey. He wants to propose to her in the city of love. It’s a tragicomic story that we do not lead our fate, even when we believe that we reach the best moment in our life.

Duration: 21 minutes

Just Before Losing Everything

Xavier Legrand (France)

A young boy pretends to go to school and hides under a bridge. A teenage prostate girl in tears waits on the bench at a bus stop. A woman picks them up and drives them to the parking lot of a hypermarket. The children come out of the vehicle, the woman opens the trunk to extract a big garbage bag. They all enter the store hurriedly …

This short movie, at the origin of the movie «Custody», won among others the 2014 Cesar Award for Best Short Film and the 2013 National Grand Prix at the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand.

Duration: 29 minutes

Best Game Ever

Kristóf Deák (Hungary)

When two CCTV technicians find out about an AI machine threatening their jobs, they must get out of their chairs to beat the system – leading them to an unexpected solution.

Duration: 20 minutes