On March 20th, come celebrate with us the international day of the Francophonie at the African Cultural Center!

On the occasion of the celebration of the international day of Francophonia, the group of the ambassadors of Francophonia presents


Parler français en Afrique : un atout décisif !
Speaking French in Africa: a decisive advantage!

For most Norwegians, the French language refers to a renowned literature, a language of the elite, and the expression of a European “art de vivre”. However, to 274 million people in 104 countries on Earth, the French language is what allows them to communicate beyond their mother tongues and their cultures.

In Africa, 115 million Africans speak French, and by 2050, 90% of French speakers between the age of 15 and 29 will live in Africa. In Africa, the French language allows hundreds of communities to communicate, exchange, express themselves and live together.

This debate aims to present to a Norwegian audience the role and place of the French language in Africa; beyond the image of a language for poets and writers, and instead as a language for entering negotiations, saving lives and empowering economic growth.



Le français, langue des affaires en Afrique de l’Ouest
French: the business language of West Africa
Adekola OYENUGA, AO Energy Consulting Corp.


Le français, langue de l’humanitaire en Afrique
French: the humanitarian language of Africa
Trygve THORSON, NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Doctors Without Borders


Les défis de la francophonie en Afrique : dépasser la rivalité avec l’anglais
Challenges facing French in Africa : surpassing rivalry with the English language
Bertrand COMMELIN, Secrétaire Général de la Fondation Alliance Française


Moderator: Ms Merete Lundemo, Special Envoy for Sahel, UD



Presentations will be in Norwegian or French
translated from Norwegian to French and French to Norwegian.






Debate will be followed by an official ceremony