Six countries of Francophonie will allow you to discover their country and culture through a series of short films on Wednesday, March 14 at the French Institute.

Hungary, Belgium, Morocco, Romania, Canada and France will present the best of their short film production during this evening.

Toaster, From the Unknown into the light, Sing, The French Kiss, Hedgehog’s Home and My Sense of Modesty: these films address topics as diverse as the difficulty of adulthood, multiculturalism and its challenges, the search for the perfect woman and the perfect home…


My Sense of Modesty, Sébastien Bailly (FRANCE)

Hafsia, a student in art history, will have to take off her hijab to sit an oral exam. She visits the Louvre Museum to observe the piece of work she will have to comment on.

This short film is screened as part of La Fête du Court-métrage, with the kind permission of L’Agence du court-métrage.

Duration: 20 min

Genre: Drama

Cast: Hafsia Herzi, Bastien Bouillon, Marie Riviere, Abdallah Moundi, Donia Eden, Laurent Levesque & Vincent Launay-Franceschini.

Language: French, English subtitles

Date: 2014

Production: La Mer à Boire productions

International Distribution: The Short Film Agency


From the unknown into the light, a project directed by Cinéastes sans frontieres (MOROCCO)

A unique theme, several countries and sensibilities, one common project: The film «From the unknown into the light» is the result of a piece of work conducted by Cinéastes sans Frontières, with young directors from member countries of the international organization of the Francophonie.

An unidentifiable item arrives by mail. The sender is unknown. And the same object is delivered in nine places on the planet: Morocco, Benin, Lebanon, Martinique, Tahiti, Reunion, Switzerland, Canada and Vietnam. Young filmmakers make it their own and tell you their stories.

In this series, we present to you short films made by young directors from Lebanon, Canada, Morocco and Vietnam. The screening will be followed by a debate with Pascal Bourdillat, president of Cinéastes sans frontières.

Duration: 33 min

Genre: Fiction

French language

Date: 2017


Toaster, Cristian Pop (ROMANIA)

«Toaster» is a student-directed short from the National University of Theater and Cinema in Bucharest (UNATC), which was well-received in Romanian festivals. The film is about the difficult transition into adulthood.

Young and devoid of experience, the main character goes through a difficult period full of challenges. On his journey to adulthood, he must make a difficult choice: the toaster or the bike?

Duration: 16min

Genre: Drama

Language: Romanian with English subtitles

Date: 2015

Production:: UNATC – The National University Theater and Film I.L. Caragiale, Bucharest


The French Kiss, Faustine Crespy (BELGIUM)

Frederic is a shy young man who works multiple odd jobs in order to make a living. He works at the reception of a railway hotel, alternating with Mario, a Casanova in search of the ideal woman. When Mario tells him about meeting a mysterious client of the hotel, Frederic decides he will conquer her as well.

Duration: 20min

Genre: Fiction

Cast: Marouan Iddoub, Egon Di Mateo, Stephanie Lowette & Sylvia Dierckx

Language: French, English subtitles

Date: 2016

Production: INSAS – Realization Workshop


Hedgehog’s Home, Eva Cvijanovic (CANADA)

Eva Cvijanovic’s stop-motion short is inspired by the fable “Hedgehog’s Home” by the author Branko Ćopić.

In a lush and vibrant forest lives a hedgehog who is both respected and envied by his fellow animals. However, his devotion to his home irritates four insatiable creatures. Together, the four of them go to the hedgehog’s house, triggering a confrontation.

A warm and universal tale, this film reminds everyone, young and old, that there’s no place like home.

Duartion: 10 min
Genre : Animation
Language: French, English subtitles
Date : 2016
Production : ONF, Bonobostudio


Sing, Kristóf Deák (HUNGARY)

Based on a true story, the Hungarian film «Sing» has won numerous awards at international festivals, including the Oscar for Best Short Fiction in 2017.

«Sing» is a musical-themed drama whose plot, centered on children, takes place in the 1990s, in Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by a true story, the film follows a multi-award winning choir, and a new student who could perhaps unveil the vile secret behind their success.

  Oscar for Best Short Fiction in 2017,
  2016: Best Film Award at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  2016: Best International Film Award at the Lanzarote International Film Festival

Duration: 25 min

Genre: Drama

Language: Hungarian with English subtitles

Date: 2016

Production: Anna Udvary


Snacks will be available at the screenings.

This event is free and no prior booking is needed.